Academy Representatives

Bishop Milner Catholic College Academy Representatives

Welcome to the Academy Committee’s area of the Bishop Milner Catholic College website where we will post information about the membership and work of the Academy Committee.

Academy Representatives play a very important role in the life of Bishop Milner Catholic College and we would like to explain who we are and what we do.

So who are we?

We are a group made up of representatives of parents, staff, the local community and the local authority. This means that we bring together a very wide range of views and experience from both within and beyond Bishop Milner Catholic College. Academy Representatives don’t need any formal qualifications, expertise or previous experience, just some time to offer and an interest in helping to ensure that every student gets the most out of their time at Bishop Milner Catholic College. We work as a team and although we each belong to a particular category (parent Academy Representative, staff Academy Representative etc.); we don’t formally represent that group on the Academy Committee. For example, parent Academy Representatives don’t represent the parents at the college or report back to them.

And what do we do?

The Academy Committee is a key partner in college leadership, working very closely with the head teacher and staff.

There are three main ways in which we do this:

We take a high level, strategic role in the running of Bishop Milner Catholic College. That means we don’t get directly involved in the day-to-day running of the college, that is the job of Mr May and his staff, but if we believe there are areas of weakness we have a duty to take action. We act as a ‘critical friend’ to the college. It is our job to ask difficult questions and you can be sure we ask plenty of them. More importantly, it is our job to decide if we are satisfied with the answers and if not to ensure the right action is then taken. We ensure accountability in a number of ways. We monitor and report on progress, we ensure accountability both ways between the leadership of Bishop Milner Catholic College and ourselves and we are accountable to parents/carers and the wider community we serve.

List Of Academy Representatives

  • Mr S Jelf – Foundation Representative (Chair)
  • Mrs G Rennicks – Foundation Representative (Vice Chair)
  • VACANCY – Foundation Representative x5
  • VACANCY – Elected Parent Representative
  • VACANCY – Elected Staff Representative
  • Mrs S Hand – Elected Staff Representative (Non Teaching)
  • Mr K Denning – Parent Representative

If you are interested in becoming a representative on the Bishop Milner Catholic College Academy Committee please complete the application form using the link provided: