Curriculum Overview

Bishop Milner Catholic College is a five-form entry college of students 11 to 18.   We converted to academy status in September 2013 and are currently in proud partnership with St Chad’s Catholic Primary School, Sedgley and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Dudley. Together, the schools are a Multi Academy Company (MAC) collectively known as St John Bosco Catholic Academy.  In our community we welcome students of all different faiths and no faith, but ask that everyone respects our core values.  We also have a high proportion of disadvantaged students.       

The goal of our curriculum here at Bishop Milner is to use knowledge of what students have studied and achieved at our primary feeder schools, and build upon those foundations in ways that seek to generate outstanding progress at secondary level.  We believe that a curriculum based on a solid understanding of how reading, writing, number work (and other subjects) are delivered in earlier years, will invite greater challenge and aspiration, as well as more seamless routes to age-expected progression.  Furthermore, we are constantly seeking new ways to promote and improve reading across the curriculum. 

While staff in each separate subject area are passionate about helping students to create deep and long-lasting relationships with their academic discipline, we also understand the importance of working together across departments – finding ways to celebrate common areas of knowledge and skills for life.  We expect our classrooms to be places of curiosity; where adults bring out in young people an excitement for learning and a hunger to know more and remember more.    

With our Catholic values at the heart of everything we do, we design our curriculums – in and out of the classroom – knowing that our calling is to nurture compassionate, active and intentional young people who must be well prepared to go out into the world and be leaders in what they say and do.  We strive to offer students the kind of curriculum that is broad and balanced enough to enable them to develop all of their God-given talents and be the best they can be.  Importantly, our students deserve knowledge and a love of learning that will remove barriers, create opportunities and pave the way for future success.    


This section of our college website gives you access to what students will study within each year group and subject.  Curriculum plans explain for you why and how the academic year ahead has been planned.  Importantly, there is an emphasis on students ‘must know’ at each stage and advice on how this learning can be further embedded. 


Key Stage 3 (Click here to view):

This curriculum is crucial for:  building upon skills and knowledge from KS2, closing gaps, accelerating progress, finding passion for a range of different subjects and introducing the journey to GCSE success.

Key Stage 4 (Click here to view): 

This curriculum is crucial for:  increasing challenge, deepening knowledge and of each chosen GCSE pathway, building confidence and expertise, growing independent thinkers, securing access to exam success and inspiring interest in Post 16 pathways.

Key Stage 5 (Click here to view): 

This curriculum is crucial for:  achieving mastery within each chosen A Level or BTEC qualification, nurturing academic reading, securing access to top grade examination performance, creating aspirational routes to further learning, employment and life success.