Departmental Aims

The aim of the department is to enable students to develop their knowledge and understanding of Mathematics to the full extent of their capabilities, to have experience of Mathematics as a means of solving practical problems and to become confident in the use of Mathematics allowing pupils to make links between other curriculum areas.

The scheme of work provides stages which allows pupils to deepen learning through fluency, reasoning and application, mastering skills before moving on to the next stage.

Through our activities we strive to give students:

  • mathematical knowledge, oral, written and practical skills to encourage confidence and success.
  • the ability to apply mathematics to everyday situations and recognise the part it plays in the world around them.
  • an appreciation of imaginative and creative work arising from mathematical ideas.


All lessons are taught in a suite of five specialist Mathematics classrooms.

Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and its own storage for text books and equipment. There is also access to three ICT suites and a bank of laptops.

Provision in the department

All lessons are one hour long for each Key Stage and all year groups have 4 lessons per week.

Key Stage 3 and 4

Students follow schemes of work based on the new programme of study. At Bishop Milner we have made the decision to use a 5 year scheme of work based on 6 different stages with pupils being assessed with GCSE style examinations in every year group.

Pupils are set accordingly in year 7 to 11 to ensure that they are covering content that is in line with their current ability with stretch and challenge built in to every lesson with the aim that all pupils will at least meet age related expectation by the time they leave year 11.

Assessments will take place throughout the year with a focus on the key skills for the stage being covered. The list of the keys skills can be found on curriculum plans in the boxes entitled ‘Mastery Indicators’ and ‘Essential Knowledge’.

All pupils will sit EDEXCEL GCSE Maths at the end of year 11.

Key Stage 5

Students follow the AQA Modular Mathematics A level course. There are four one-hour lessons per week.

The department offers revision classes on many occasions throughout the year to help students prepare for taking exams.

The students all have access to My Maths, an online resource which is used at school but can also be accessed at home to supplement their studies.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The department participates in various extra-curricular Maths activities, including the National Mathematical Challenge, National Chess Competition and Cipher Challenge.