Social Sciences


  • To foster an interest and develop enthusiasm for the study of human mind and behaviour
  • To encourage students to develop a scientific understanding of the investigation of human behaviour.
  • To understand the development of Psychology as a discipline from a subjective experiential paradigm to a science based objective and investigative discipline.
  • To appreciate the potential of Psychology to develop an understanding of self concept and self disclosure.


Psychology is a subject that is offered solely at Sixth Form Level. It can be combined with any other A Level subject as the methods of investigation are broad.

Psychology specification is AQA and the course requires an appreciation of the scientific and mathematical nature of Psychological research. The course became linear in 2015

Extra-curricular activities

Psychology students have the opportunity to take part in conferences such as Life Behind Bars Students also attended a conference where the keynote speaker was world renowned Dr Philip Zimbardo, who spoke in detail about the Stanford Prison Experiment.



  • To encourage an interest in issues relating to culture, socialisation and identity.
  • To develop an interest in the structure of society and the changing nature of social class.
  • To understand the overarching perspectives that sociologists use to explain society; Functionalism, Post-modernism; Feminism and Marxism.


Sociology is a subject that is offered solely at Sixth Form Level. It can be combined with any many other A Level subjects, particularly Health and Social Care, RE Psychology and Economics. Specification is AQA and the course became linear in 2015.

Extra-curricular activities

Sociology students have the opportunity to attend conferences relating to Crime and Deviance topic such as Life Behind Bars.