Religious Education (RE)

The Religious Education department is made up of 3 full time teachers each based in their own classroom.

The Religious Education Department Aims:

  • To enable students to recognize and appreciate the value of themselves and all human beings
  • To enable students to fulfill their potential in a holistic manner
  • To promote knowledge and understandings of religious issues whilst fostering a sense of spirituality in each student
  • To promote justice and respect for themselves and others
  • To create opportunities for students to come to know the love of Christ and the value that they have in Him.

What do we offer?

  • A/S and A2 conferences, outside speakers e.g. local magistrates, CAFOD etc
  • Internally run half day or full day retreats & prayer experiences to link key times in the Church’s liturgical calendar
  • Opportunities for exploring faith & it’s impact on life today & contemporary moral issues

Expected outcomes:

  • All students will have developed an understanding of faith and practice within the Christian tradition
  • All students will have achieved academic success in line with their potential
  • All students will have had the opportunity to develop key skills and critical thinking
  • All students will have enjoyed and being stimulated by the many opportunities for reflective learning
  • We will have empowered and helped create students who are independent and are able to ask questions of themselves and others

What courses do students follow in Religious Education at Bishop Milner?

In KS3 all students follow a course based on the Bishop’s Directory.

Year 7

Begins by looking at what it means to belong to a Catholic College and those features that give us our faith identity. We then go on to look at the ministry of Jesus and his disciples, the Mass, liturgical calendar, Christianity in Britain and Sikhism.

Year 8

Units include the Covenant and Old Testament Prophesy, Islam, Scripture and the Moral Social teaching of the church. Students are encouraged to consider the character of the Church and the role of the Papacy.

Year 9

Students begin their GCSE course. All students currently follow the Edexcel Course made up of Units 3 & 10. For students starting year 9 in September 2016 a new GCSE course will be followed involving studies in Catholic Christianity and Judaism (more details of this course are not yet available).

Year 9 – 10

Work includes the Sacraments, the liturgical calendar of the Church, the Religious Life, the idea of Vocation, the Priesthood & the work of the Pope & bishops.

Year 11

Work includes looking at reasons for believing in God, the idea of atheism & agnosticism, the sanctity of life through abortion & euthanasia, reasons to believe in Life after death, Poverty & the work of CAFOD, social & community cohesion, the changing roles of women & men.

In year 12 all students follow a course leading to an ASDAN qualification as well as being given the opportunity to study Religious Education at A/S and A2.

A/S and A2

Students follow the Edexcel course made up of units in Ethics and Philosophy. The number of students opting to follow Religious Education at A/S and A2 is good and students are successful at these levels.
The General RE course is made up of a variety of topics and activities which will lead to the ASDAN qualification in Wider Key Skills (carries UCAS points).


The RE department is well resourced with three classrooms dedicated to RE, all equipped with projectors etc. There are a wide range of text books available for use with all Key Stages and a selection of ICT materials and DVD’s etc. The department has a bank of religious artefacts from world religions.