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Staff List

Senior Leadership

  • Principal: Mr S Haywood
  • Deputy Principal: Mrs M Clemson
  • Assistant Principals: Mr R May & Mrs A Kenworthy
  • Business Manager: Mrs H Parkes

Heads of Key Stages

  • HKS3: Mrs A Kenworthy
  • HKS4: Mrs M Clemson
  • HKS5: Miss S Clayton

Year Heads

  • Year 7: Miss E Bevan
  • Year 8: Mrs A Kenworthy
  • Year 9: Mr R May
  • Year 10: Miss S Chesterman
  • Year 11: Mrs M Clemson


  • SENCO: Mrs H Cardy
  • College Chaplain: Fr Martin

Curriculum Departments

Department Head of Department Staff Names


Mrs S Cunningham-Smith

Miss S Clayton
Mr D Cooper
Miss R Knott
Mrs N Lamond
Mrs K Tolley


Mr A Don

Mr S Bond
Mr A Coombes
Mr K Doran
Mr S Dreaves
Ms A Morris
Miss K Smith


Ms A O'Sullivan

Mr S Bhatoey
Mrs R Cresswell
Mr E Franklin
Dr K Gibbons
Mr J Leather
Mrs D Mandair
Miss A Morgan
Miss E Wicker

Religious Education

Mrs A Kenworthy

Mr M Banks
Miss C Corbett


Mrs L Pegg

Ms C Gartland

Business Studies

Mr P Wallace

Miss R Berrington
Mr J Cutler


Miss E Bevan


Design Technology

Mr I Dimmock

Miss J Dyas


Ms A Maclaren



Mrs A Hubbard

Mrs E Hill

Health & Social Care


Mrs S Coombes


Miss M Moody

Mrs S Lakin
Mrs  J Hopley


Miss P Taylor


Modern Foreign Languages

Miss S Chesterman

Miss S Lewis


Ms J Stacey


Psychology & Sociology

Mrs A Blaney


Physical Education

Mr S Biddle
Mrs R John

Mrs S Ashworth
Mr A Foster
Mrs J Talbot

Support Staff

Category Position Staff Names

Admin Staff

Secretary to the Principal

Mrs J Gill

Key Stage Admin Assistant

Mrs K Harding

Attendance Officer

Mrs S Heath

Data Administrator

Mrs D Holman


Mrs D Marsh

SENCO Admin Assistant

Mrs D Kempton


Miss J Hemming

Site Staff

Site Manager

Mr D Hayward

Assistant Site Manager

Mr S Foxall


Lead Science Technician

Mrs S Parmar

Science Technician Mrs N Chumber

ICT Technician

Mr M Guest

ICT Support/Developer

Mr P Sumner

Reprographics Technician

Mrs A Hackett

College Technician

Mr R Pearson

DT Food Technician

Mrs P Vilcans

Sixth Form

Sixth Form Mentor

Mr D Handy

Sixth Form Study Supervisors

Miss F Huffer
Mrs B Russon


Educational Support

Miss M Bi
Mrs K Gokman (Physical & Sensory)
Mrs P Graham
Mrs S Hand
Mrs D Highley (Speech & Language)
Miss P Ross
Mrs N Smith
Ms R Trail

Learning Resource Assistant

Miss K Wilkes

Inclusion Assistant / ASDAN Co-ordinator

Mrs J Burrell

Learning Support Mentor

Mrs A Gayzer-Tomlinson
Mrs M Llewellyn

Literacy Co-ordinator

Mrs G Spilsbury

Pastoral Mentor

Miss E Harris

Kitchen Manageress

Miss V Morgan

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs L Turner