Bishop Milner Catholic College encourages good attendance and punctuality because students who attend regularly learn most effectively. Our attendance target for every student is 96% in an academic year.

Our Attendance Officer, Mrs Heath, works with parents and students to encourage good attendance for all students. The Attendance Officer will contact home on the first day of absence if we have not received a message from a parent/carer. Regular meetings take place to discuss attendance with parents and students to establish how the college can best support students.

If your child is ill or absent from College

A parent /carer must inform the college before 10am each day of the child’s absence.

College will contact parents if we are not informed. Failure to send an explanation will result in the absence being recorded as ‘unauthorised’. If your child will be late in or has to leave college for a medical appointment please inform the college beforehand.

To report an absence use ‘option 2’ after dialling the college telephone number. Please clearly state:

  • the child’s full name
  • tutor group
  • the reason for the absence
  • who is reporting the absence

Persistent Absence

Research has established a very clear link between good attendance at school and good achievement and progress in tests and examinations. Ten days absence for a family holiday can result in students becoming persistent absentees. Studies show that students who are in the persistent absentee category are much less likely to succeed in school than those who are not.

Persistent absence is currently any student that has 90% attendance or less. This means that a student who is absent for 7 sessions (a morning or an afternoon counts as one session) or more over a half term period for whatever reason will be classed as a ‘persistent absentee’. These students will be monitored closely and medical evidence will have to be provided to authorise their absence. Absence at this level is doing considerable damage to any child’s educational prospects and we need parents’ fullest support and co-operation to tackle this. Ultimately, if students are not in college, they cannot learn.

Further information regarding absence/truancy can be found on the Dudley MBC website.

What should I do if I want to take my child on holiday in term time?

As of 1 September 2013, DfE guidance – Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 – states that Principals/Head teachers can no longer grant any leave of absence in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any request for leave of absence must be made in advance in writing to the Principal by the parent/carer showing exceptional circumstances. Only the College and its Academy Committee have the discretion to authorise any absence in a college year.

If the family choose to take the leave without authorisation, they must accept it will be recorded as unauthorised absence and the Education Investigation Service will be notified. Unauthorised absences are carefully monitored and can lead to a fixed penalty fine of up to £120 per student for each responsible adult (if paid within 28 days). The college also has the right to delete the student from the admission register if the student does not return within a set period of time. Re-admission cannot be guaranteed.

Further details on the change in legislation can be found at:

Attendance Rewards

Students at Bishop Milner Catholic College are rewarded for their excellent attendance in a variety of ways.

In order to celebrate the students’ attendance those who achieve 100% attendance per half term will be awarded a 100% certificate. At the end of the Summer term students who have the wonderful achievement of being in college and getting 100% attendance for the whole year will receive a £10 gift token and will have a special mention in the Celebration newsletter.

At the end of each term the house with the highest attendance is presented with the Attendance Trophy. The Tutor Group and House with the highest attendance are also celebrated in the Parental Circular and every student in that house/ tutor receives a treat.


It is vital that all students are in school by 8.55am so that they can get to their classroom in time for registration taken at 9.00am. We monitor lateness on a daily basis and if the student is late 3 times in a 2 week period this will result in a 30 minute detention on a Friday evening. Repeated lateness will result in a meeting with parents and possible further penalties given.

Unfortunately, lateness is sometimes down to parents dropping students off late. Please support your child’s learning by leaving home slightly earlier to get them here on time. The school site is open from 8:30am and Breakfast Club is available in the canteen from 8:30am. Thank you for your support.