Head Student Team

The team were selected following an application and interview process. Staff and Sixth Form students cast their votes. We wish them well with all the hard work needed to organise the Sixth Form social events, charity fundraising and support for our whole college community.

Head Students

  • Head Girl: Chloe McColgan
  • Head Boy: Luke Parkes
  • Deputy Head Girl: Laura Ginder
  • Deputy Head Boy: Nicholas Bytheway

Year Group Support Mentors

  • Year 7: Mary Amulong
  • Year 7: Aimee Ingram
  • Year 8: Kiran Badyal
  • Year 9: Maximiliano Palermo
  • Year 10: Riana Patel
  • Year 11: Mirindar Sangha
  • Year 11/Chaplaincy Officer: Cameron Causer

Other Officers

  • Anti-Bullying Officer: Meghan McGlynn
  • Events Officer: Glenna Bumatay
  • Events Officer: Jodie Chesterman
  • Charity Officer: Amrit Kaur
  • Charity Officer: Maria Litwin
  • Chaplaincy Officer: Patience Kaunda
  • Chaplaincy Officer:  Alex Griffiths
  • Design Coordinator: Fatima Rizwan
  • Diversity Officer: Cheryl Dube
  • Extra Curricular Activities Officer: Abigail Richards
  • Music and The Arts Officer: Niamh Gibbons
  • Sports Officer: Patricia Adidigue
  • Sports Officer: Joel Collins