Head Student Team

The team were selected following an application and interview process. Staff and Sixth Form students cast their votes. We wish them well with all the hard work needed to organise the Sixth Form social events, charity fundraising and support for our whole college community.

Head Students

  • Head Girl: Aiyra Zahid
  • Head Boy: Chinonso Nzewuji
  • Deputy Head Girl: Mollie Mason
  • Deputy Head Boy: Dominic Clarke
  • House Links Co-Ordinator: Bethany Pierce

House Links Subcommittee

  • Year 7 Support Officer: Christine Sorra
  • John House Support Officer: Kimran Sangha
  • Andrew House Support Officer: Simron Kaur
  • Bernadette House Support Officer: Saima Kauser-Malik
  • Clare House Support Officer: Lavin Omar

Other Officers

  • Events Co-Ordinator: Shaunagh Havelin
  • Events Officer: Jordan Hill
  • Charity Co-Ordinator: Alex Griffiths
  • Charity Officer: Olivia Fernihough
  • Chaplaincy Link Co-Ordinator: Karolin Joy
  • Chaplaincy Link Officer: Garin Moraghan
  • Music and The Arts Co-Ordinator: Joe Clinton