Staff List

Senior Leadership

  • Principal: Mr R May
  • Vice Principal: Mrs T Oliver
  • Assistant Principals: Mrs S Foster, Mr S Lodge, Mrs E O’Connor, Mr M Hambrook
  • Associate Assistant Principal: Mrs K Tolley 
  • MAC Strategic Business & Finance Director: Mrs H Parkes

Heads of Year

  • Year 7: Mr J Cutler
  • Year 8: Mr S Bromell
  • Year 9: Miss R Berrington (Maternity cover) Mrs N Johnson 
  • Year 10: Mrs R Guest
  • Year 11: Mr S Biddle


  • SENCO: Mrs M Bowen
  • Student Welfare & Safeguarding Lead: Mrs S Hand
  • KS5 Teaching & Learning Lead: Miss B Greaves

Curriculum Departments


Head of Department

Staff Names


Mr J Hannon

Mrs S Foster
Mrs N Johnson
Miss R Knott
Mrs E Aston
Mr A Detheridge
Miss C Flynn
Mrs K Tolley


Mr A Coombes

Mr S Bond
Mr M Hambrook
Mr A Don
Mr M James
Miss K Warby
Mrs M Cox


 Mrs C Clayton

Mr S Bhatoey
Mr A Doyle
Miss E Guise
Mr J Leather
Miss A Morgan
Miss J Evans
Mr R Williams
Mr P Riggon

Religious Education

Mrs E O’Connor

Miss G Stokes
Mrs R Guest
Miss C Corbett


Mrs L Pegg

Ms C Gartland

Business Studies


Mr J Cutler



Mrs A Pritchard



Mr J Garrity

Design Technology

Mrs L Maitland

Miss J Dyas


Mrs A Hubbard

Miss H Sims


Mr G Jones

Mr S Bromell


Miss P Taylor


Law & Post-16 ICT

Miss R Berrington


Modern Foreign Languages

Mr J Bradbury

Mrs L Manoila
Mrs A Bulso



Ms J Stacey

Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Health and Social Care

Miss B Greaves

Miss J Dyas
Mrs M Bowen

Physical Education

Mr A Foster

Mr S Biddle
Miss R Barnes
Mrs R John
Mr S Lodge

Support Staff



Staff Names

Admin Staff

Secretary to the Principal

Mrs J Gill

School Counsellor

Mrs K Harding

Attendance Officer

Mrs S Heath

MIS Co-Ordinator

Mrs T O’Donoghue

Exams Officer

Mrs T Cadman

Senior Operations Manager

Miss F Sumner

Senior Finance Assistant

Finance Assistant

Miss J Hemming
Mrs V Lee

Assistant to SENCO

Mrs J Benson

College Receptionist

Mrs D Marsh


Site Staff

Site Manager

Mr P Dutton

Assistant Site Manager

Mr M Grainger


Lead Science Technician

Miss S Parmar


Operations Manager

Mr P Sumner


Reprographics Technician

Mrs A Hackett

College Technician

Ms L Taylor

Sixth Form

Careers, Education, Information, Advice & Guidance Co-Ordinator

Mrs S Wilkins

Sixth Form Pastoral & Academic Mentor

Miss D Burton

Educational Support

Teaching Assistants

Miss E Ashmore
Miss M Bi
Mrs F Farmer
Mr J French
Mrs G Nicholls
Miss M Rico
Mrs B Russon
Miss M Zarychta
Miss S Jones
Mr J Walsh

Behaviour and Inclusion Manager

Mrs M Prime

Learning Resource/General Admin Assistant

Miss K Wilkes