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About Us

Our Motto – Pro Petri Fide

The Latin motto of our college is Pro Petri Fide which means For the Love of Peter. Jesus made Saint Peter the leader of the Apostles and it was on Saint Peter’s faith that Jesus said he would build his Church, Bishop Milner Catholic College is part of this Church and our faith is indeed the faith of Peter.

Therefore, our college is committed to offering Christian love and care to each person within it irrespective of their faith background. As such, everyone is valued as a gift from God and treated with utmost respect.

Our History

Up to 1960 there was no secondary school in Dudley for Roman Catholic children.

At the end of 1956 approval was given to build a three storey Roman Catholic secondary school for 400 students. Construction of Bishop Milner Catholic School began September 1957. The build cost of this new school was estimated at around £191,000, it was to include a gymnasium, science and art rooms, a library and a large assembly hall.

As the school buildings neared completion, it was decided that the school would be named after Bishop John Milner, the vicar Apostolic of the Midlands. The official opening took place on 21st September 1960 and was conducted by the Most Rev. Francis Grimshaw, Archbishop of Birmingham.

There have been many changes to the original building over the years. In 1963 a three floor extension was added to the main building along with a new dining hall. In September 1981 a “Secretary’s” block was also opened. In September 1994 a new large two storey building was built, which included drama and dance studios.

In 2003 construction was well underway of what was to become the Bishop Milner Catholic College of today , with multiple ICT suites, Learning Resource Centre, study areas and many new class rooms to replace the 1960s buildings.

In September 2013 Bishop Milner Catholic School changed its name to Bishop Milner Catholic College to reflect its inclusivity for all students from 11 to 18. Also at this time Bishop Milner, along with St Chad’s (Sedgley) and St Joseph’s (Dudley) Catholic Primary Schools formed a Multi Academy Company (MAC) and took the overarching name of St John Bosco Catholic Academy.

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