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Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team are a group of advocates for Catholic Life and Faith in Bishop Milner Catholic College. They are a group of students from all years invited to share in the school’s mission and invite all into it. The Chaplaincy Team are a group of students across the school who aim to support the provision of Catholic Life within the College but also take time for specific formation themselves ensure that they are building in faith alongside helping others. 

The Chaplaincy Team meet each week to discuss ideas, have times of formation and plan the week in chaplaincy. Then, the team fully support the chapel drop - in sessions which are open to all at break times and help plan times of prayer which happen in the chapel at lunch. 

The Chaplaincy Team have been commissioned and sent out in a service with the Archdiocese of Birmingham and further supported by Fr Paul Edwards (Priest Chaplain). The Student Chaplaincy Team are taking part in Student Chaplaincy Team Training with Kenelm Chaplaincy and have regular support and input from diocesan resources. 


Chaplaincy: Today and the Future


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