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Values & Ethos

As a College community we have developed our mission statement to be clear,  distinctive and memorable. 

We strongly believe that we are on a journey together; one that involves students, staff, parents and all of those who support our community.  On this journey, we place the teachings of Jesus Christ at the centre of everything!

We expect all members of our community to fully immerse themselves in College life and live out our mission statement in their actions, thoughts and words.

There are three simple elements to our missions statement:

1. We will work together to inspire the spiritual and personal development of each member of our community - using our God given talents for the common good. 

2. We are an ambitious learning community where all are inspired to aim high, excel academically, and inspire to great futures. 

3. We are a Christ centred community where all are called to understand and fulfil God's unique plan for them. 

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