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March - Careers and The Wider World Month

Throughout March we turn our attention to life beyond Bishop Milner. This is a month where we aim to provide our students with the knowledge and experiences to make informed and ambitious choices about their future. At Bishop Milner we fundamentally believe that careers education should happen from Year 7- 13, not just during the final years of education. This month is key in providing students with the opportunity to understand vocations and how God has a plan for each and every one of us.

Some activities have included…

  • Careers workshops run by our MAC careers lead. These enable students to begin understanding their options and receive 1 to 1 careers guidance.

  • Channel 4 TV have visited the college to explore opportunities in the creative and media sector.

  • The Duke of Edinburgh award launch in this month encourages students to widen their skill set and make connections to organisations in the wider world.

  • March is also a time for Year 10 work experience. We help our Year 10 students to find placements in an area of work that interests them, providing them with valuable insights and experiences.

In tutor time and throughout the college day we celebrate and explore ‘vocation’ and what this means to us a Catholic college.

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