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July - Around the World at BMCC Month

Our calendar culminates in the ‘around the world month’ where our community comes together to celebrate our diverse community. We are enriched by one anothers presence and throughout this month students are given opportunities to celebrate their own culture and the culture of others. This fosters a sense of appreciation and understanding of one another and it is a great time for students to learn about different cultures and traditions.

Some activities have included…

  • ‘Sharing my culture’- staff and students spend some time sharing their culture to others. This is a brilliant opportunity for students to celebrate their own culture whilst learning about their classmates and teachers- many find out facts they were never aware of before!

  • Around the world menu- throughout the month our brilliant kitchen team put together different menus from around the world. This encourages students to experience new culture and often begins a conversation or two!.

  • Cultural heritage own clothes day is always a highlight of the month. Students come into college showcasing clothing and items that display their heritage. The atmosphere in the college is lifted as the vibrant clothing and colours are celebrated.

  • We also spend some time writing and saying prayers in different languages or with strong connections to different countries or shard heritage. Students have said a number of prayers in different languages and share this knowledge with others, enriching the spiritual life of the college.

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