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May - British Values Month

May is a key month in our calendar as we celebrate the brilliant work that has taken place throughout the year on British Values. We want our students to be inquisitive, active and informed members of society. We are ambitious in encouraging our students to ‘be the change that they want to see’ and British Values month is a time for our community to stop and reflect what it means to be British.


Some activities have included…

  • Visits from our local MP and councillors. A visit from our local MP Marco Longhi. Mr Longhi delivered an assembly where students were able to ask questions and learn about their local consistency and the parliamentary systems of the UK. It was also an opportunity to discuss the role of British Values in society.

  • Understanding British Values as Gospel Values. Through the SAINT curriculum students spent time thinking and discussing about how our Gospel Values and fundamentally linked to British Values and how we as a Catholic school live these out each day.

  • Debating clubs during lunchtime to allow our students wo write and shape and agenda on a topical issue. This is a great opportunity for students to further develop their debating and oracy skills.

  • Writing letters to the House of Commons and members of parliament linked to climate change and Laudato Si.

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