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June - Equality & Diversity Month

As a Catholic college we believe that we are all ‘made and loved in the image of God’. We are proud of our richly diverse community and in June we come together to focus on how our diversity makes us stronger. This is also a time when we reflect on the importance of ‘equality’ and a time to look at how we can promote equality in our college and wider community. Through the lenses of equality and diversity students gain a deeper understanding of the protected characteristics and the importance of these to society as a whole.


Some activities have included..

  • Student led assemblies on the themes of Equality and Diversity. Working together in groups students have planned, created and delivered to hundreds of their peers on key issues linked to equality and diversity.

  • Weekly focus on protected characteristics- including SEND, race and LGBTQ+.

  • ‘Safe space’ discussions for students to share their views and seek support if necessary.

Art workshops and music performances celebrating our diverse community

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