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January - Holocaust Memorial and Wider Themes Month

January is our month dedicated to raising awareness of the Holocaust and more broadly genocide across the world. We believe it is important for students to learn that the smallest seeds of hatred can grow into the many horrors and crimes that define genocide. As students learn about past examples of genocide and examples of modern-day genocide we are remembering its victims and saying ‘never again’.


Some activities have included..

  • Whole school talks and assemblies delivered by victims of genocide. Most recently we have welcomed survivors of the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide to share their harrowing testimonies with students.

  • Our students have planned and delivered an act of prayer and liturgy to the rest of the school on the theme of Holocaust Memorial

  • Prayer workshops- with the support of the Lay Chaplain pupils wrote prayers remembering victims of genocide. These prayers were then shared across the college.

  • The Wolves foundation visiting the college to work with students on understanding the importance of the Holocaust.

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