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November - Anti - Bullying Month

At Bishop Milner Catholic College we recognise and protect the dignity of every single person in our college community. We have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying but we understand that at some point in their time in education students may have been a victim of or witnessed bullying. The aim of this month is to promote our strong anti-bullying stance and to send a message of kindness and acceptance. Some activities in this month have included

  • Big brother/ big sister mentoring – sixth formers mentoring and working closely with a specific group of Year 7 students.

  • Belle – a live singer with a strong anti-bullying message.

  • Creating anti-bullying art and badges with a positive message.

  • An anti-bullying sports competition with a clear message and focus during the games.

  • Staff masked singer- involving the whole college as staff sing songs with a positive message of hope and anti-bullying themes.

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